Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With their Eyes Open or Closed?

In this article, we’ll look at why guinea pigs might show certain eye behaviors while they sleep and how this could affect their survival. So whether you’re a devoted pet owner or just want to learn more about the world of animals, join us and see what we can find out!.

How do I tell if guinea pig is sleeping?

Guinea pigs are like any other animal – they need to get enough sleep to stay healthy. But it can be tricky to tell if your pet is asleep because of all the different ways they act. Here’s a step-by-step guide to figuring out if your pet is sleeping:

1.      Observation of Behavior

Guinea pigs are active during the day, but they’re usually more sedentary at night. They don’t have any specific sleep and wake patterns like humans do. Instead, they just take short naps during the day and at night.

 If you see your guinea pig lying down with their eyes closed and looking peaceful, it’s a good sign that they’re taking a nap. Keep in mind, though, that your guinea pig can sleep with its eyes open, so behavior alone isn’t a reliable way to tell if your pet is taking a nap.

2.      Closed Eyes

It’s not uncommon for your guinea pig’s eyes to be half-closed when they’re sleeping. If you see your pet’s eyes half-closed, they’re probably in a deep sleep. Guineas have a special way of keeping their eyes open even when they’re asleep, so it’s not a surprise that their eyes seem half-closed.

3.      Relaxed Posture

When guinea pigs are sleeping, they usually lay down on their side or curl up in a comfortable position. Their body language tends to be relaxed and calm compared to when they’re active.

4.      Minimal Movement

Guinea pigs tend to have less muscle activity when they’re sleeping. If they’re not moving around a lot and don’t seem to respond to any sounds or things, they’re probably just resting. But don’t forget that they can still move around a bit, even when they’re asleep.

5.      Quietness

Guinea pigs tend to be quieter and less vocal when they’re sleeping. If your pet isn’t making their normal vocalisations and sounds, they may be resting.

6.      Breathing Patterns

Check out how your little one breathes when they’re sleeping. They usually breathe slower and more evenly, but it can be hard to tell, so this may not be the best way to tell.

7.      Hiding or Napping Spots

Guinea pigs like to snooze in dark places, which can mean hiding places, tunnels, or piles of bedding. If you see your guinea pig snoozing in one of these places, chances are it’s taking a nap.

8.      Lack of Response

If your pet isn’t responding to anything, they might be asleep. Try calling out their name or making some gentle sounds to see if they wake up. If they don’t respond at all, they’re probably just resting.

9.      Time of Day

Guinea pigs tend to be busier during the day than they are at night, so if you’re watching your pet when they’re usually more sleepy, it’s more likely that they’re taking a nap.

How long do guinea pigs sleep

Have you ever thought about how guinea pigs sleep? How long do they stay asleep? It’s easy to see why – watching them run around and eat hay and veggies brings so much happiness to pet owners everywhere. But what about their sleep patterns?

1.      Nocturnal vs. Diurnal

Guinea pigs are usually active during the early morning and late evening. They spend the majority of their time on their feet because they are crepuscular animals.

This is because they have a natural urge to stay active since they’re prey animals. So, in the wild, they stay active during these times of low light, which helps them stay away from predators.

That’s why they usually stay active for a short time each day and night, and then they go back to sleep.

2.      Light Sleepers

Guinea pigs are pretty easy to get to sleep. They have a really good ear for hearing and are really aware of what’s going on around them. This is because they need to be alert and ready to respond to any kind of danger. Even when they’re sleeping, they can wake up and react to any kind of noise or movement.

3.      Short Naps

Guinea pigs don’t have the same deep sleep stages as other animals, so they tend to take short naps instead. These can range from a couple of minutes to an hour or so. During their naps, they might be stretched out or curled up in their comfy bed, showing off all kinds of cute sleeping positions.

4.      Total Sleep Time

Guinea pigs usually get about 4 to 6 hours of sleep a day, but it’s usually broken down into short naps instead of one long nap.

They don’t get the same amount of sleep as other animals because their metabolism slows down and they have irregular sleep patterns.

5.      Comfort and Environment

Guinea pigs can get a good night’s sleep by having a secure and safe environment. A dark, quiet room with little noise during their waking hours will help them relax. Giving them comfy bedding, places to hide, and tunnels will also help them relax.

6.      Social Sleep Patterns

Guinea pigs possess a social disposition and are known to socialize with other pigs, either individually or in groups. They’re also good sleepers.

 If they have someone to sleep with, they might even coordinate their sleep schedules a bit. It’s not unusual to see them napping together or taking a nap at the same time.


Guinea pigs are amazing animals with unique sleep habits that show how active and social they are. They don’t snooze for long periods like some other animals, but they do take frequent naps and stay active.

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